Our Seed Advantages

Our BioTech team applies molecular based breeding techniques to enhance plant performance naturally, producing cannabis cultivars that are not GMOs but new natural fertile plants whose offspring inherit advantageous plant performance traits, carefully selected during the breeding process.

Our BioTech team guarantees plant performance increases that hold the potential to positively impact the profits of any plant-based enterprise.

2020 Breeding Program Outcomes

  1. Production of commercial volumes of viable elite hemp seed.
  2. These genetics represent our F3 generation parents with 5 distinct cultivar lines.
  3. Controlled crossing (no random pollination) of each cultivar line to ensure genetic integrity and stability.
  4. Execute a selection regime to identify the best performing cultivars and phenotypes.
  5. Scientific analysis through HPLC and GC-MS platforms selecting a number of backcrosses to ensure greater uniformity within each line.

Feminized Pollen

Our intellectual property involves conversion of female plants to feminized male pollinating plants.
And, the production of ‘female’ pollen to ensure stable feminized seed production.

The Problem with COAs

It is internationally recognized that there is a lack of standardization of analytical practices within the cannabis industry making product COA validation and direct comparison extremely difficult.

There are many accounts of labs producing starkly different potency measurements for the same products—some results varying by as much as 40-50%, according to a 2018 report by Marijuana Business Daily.



Consistent, and comparable, analytical testing and the generation of standardized COAs is a complex issue dependent upon many variables within testing protocols and procedures. The key issues are discussed below:

Sample Preparation

There is a huge variation in extraction methodology from laboratory to laboratory. When it comes to cannabis testing, much attention is paid to tools and analytical methods. As a result, sample preparation is often overlooked.

Chromatography Analysis

Chromatographs are calibrated, using solutions of pure cannabinoids, and many laboratories are capable of producing beautiful calibration lines for idealized samples.

But ultimately, the quality of the results will depend on the quality of the inputs. The most advanced analytical tools will not matter if the sample is poorly prepared.


Standardized Reference Materials

Many experts blame the lack of standardized methods for determining cannabis potency as the key reason for the inconsistencies in COA results and inability to compare potency of cannabis products.

  • Example 1; Stormy Daniels – four separate COAs from four different suppliers
  • Supplier 1; 10.7% CBD content
  • Supplier 2; 14% CBD content
  • Supplier 3; 18% CBD content
  • Supplier 4; 25% CBD content
  • Remember this is the same strain
  • Example 2; Mountain Mango
  • Lab A; THC 0.14% CBD 4.73%
  • Lab B; THC 0.22% CBD 7.54%
  • Source example B; Hemp Testing Horizon June 23, 2020
  • Brian C. Smith Cannabis Science & Technology Vol. 5, June 2020

Comparing Australian Testing to US Testing

                   Australian                      American

  • MC-3 –   6.46%w/w CBD             9.00 – 12.92% CBD
  • MC-5 –   8.62%w/w CBD             12.93 – 17.24% CBD
  • MC-6 –   7.76%w/w CBD             11.62 – 15.52% CBD
  • MC-6P – 13.35%w/w CBD           20.00 – 26.7% CBD


  • All of our cultivars tested to date have had the highest CBD profile/content % w/w tested in Australia so far, and our MC-6P at 13.35% was tested multiple times using both GC-Ms and HPLC as the results seemed to high
  • Most cultivars in production in Australia by the ODC license holders produce around 4-5 % w/w CBD content these figures come from direct communication with ODC license holders.
  • Other countries outside of the US and Canada which we work with report CBD levels at less than 5% w/w
  • We are extremely happy with our F3 generation of cultivars, but this is only the beginning. Using next generation sequencing platforms, we intend to develop hemp varieties with almost 0% THC but with tailored cannabinol and terpene profiles
  • Disclaimer- The above comparison is made from available data (see link on COAs) as well from known American samples tested against Australian methodology

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