MC5 Cultivar 

This is an elite, organically grown, non-GMO, premium high value CBD dominant Hemp cultivar. The dense, heavy, and low leaf content flower has exceptionally low THC at 0.07% and mid-level total THC at 0.44%. We scientifically selected the best performing cultivars and phenotypes for our breeding and seed production program ensuring your crops will reproduce consistent premium product.

MC5 Cultivar

• Cultivar is Hemp compliant at 0.07% THC with 0.44% ∑THC
• CBD dominant at ~90% of total cannabinoids
• High in resin and aromatics
• Heavy dense bud sets (medicinal)
• Medium size (~5 ft) dense plant
• High crop uniformity
• Average nutrition requirement
• Soil & climate variation tolerant
• Wide pH range (5-7.5)
• Water efficient

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